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Monday, December 14, 2009

Its Christmas Time at the Stable..............

With the rememberance that Christmas time came from the original stable, when Our Lord was born in a Manger,  as a tiny babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes... we realize that this is a very special time of year, to love and be loved by our family and friends...  to bring gifts of thoughtfulness and wishes of health and happiness ... as the Magi did to the tiny babe.... symbolically we are promoting life itself......... and, the promise of Eternal life.   We treasure our fine friends and family... our animal friends as well as our human ones.   At the stable where Comanche' resides...are many wonderful horses........   For fun.... we dressed up for the holiday... I am posting some of the pics here, so you can see and enjoy these great animals...   Shadow...........


  1. I came over here from Pony Girl's blog just to give a personal Hello. I loved reading your story about your soulmate horse Comanche. What a beauty she is...and a silly girl, too.
    I started back with horses later in live, too. I'm 43 now and only rode off and on through my life, but never owned my own horse until a couple years ago. My mare and I have had a difficult struggle over the past year, though. If you're interested you can read more about it over on my blog.

    I also noticed that were basically neighbors. I live east of Albuquerque, up in the mountains, in Tijeras.

    Welcome to the blogging community. I look forward to getting to know you, and maybe we can meet in person someday, too.


  2. Heartwarming post and I love your story of how you found Comanche. Welcome to the blogging world!

  3. Rode on over from Pony Girl...welcome!

  4. I also came over from Pony Girls Blog. I have an Appaloosa too! I had wanted one since I was a kid and finally bough Emma as a two year old, she is also 10 now.
    I look forward to reading your blog, and your girl is very pretty!
    I also started Blogging in November, of last year, its been a lot of fun.

  5. Great story, found you thru Pony Girls post. I have been riding for 32 years now and have a 26 year old 16.1 hand Trakehner mare, who Ive had since she was eight. Neat thing is my best friend who I met when I was 4 has my mares full brother. He looks just like her but is 17 hands. They have been together for about 20 years now and are inseparable. We spent many years compeating in jumping and cross country events, She hangs out in the pasture these days, with her brother enjoying the weather(good thing they like the snow as we live in northern ohio) and their retirement, which they have earned. I have enjoyed meeting all of you and your ponies and look foreward to reading about your holidays.

  6. I came over from Pony Girl's blog like the others and I love Appaloosa horses myself. My mare as a teenager was a grey Appaloosa mare named Tequila Twist and I loved that girl just like you do yours! Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging!

  7. I also came over from Pony Girl's blog. I loved your story. I too believe I have a soulmate in my horse! Enjoy and glad to see you are blogging about your experience!

  8. I am still wiping away the tears from reading your story on Pony Girl's blog. We are so similar, however, I don't have an equine friend...yet. Your story is one of true love of the best kind. Congratulations on finding it!