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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hats off to Ed!!!

I just received a wonderful email from a guy named Ed..... who told me that his plan for Christmas was to visit a nursing home to spend time with some of the residents there.... since he says... "I may be one myself, someday"...  I think that's such a sweet thing for a man to do!.....   Its very true that while some people DO have relatives,  the family seems to forget that they are still here, in the flesh, and not only a forgotten memory.  How totally sad this is, for those who are still competent, and yet, are trapped in the dreary existence of "waiting to die", at the typical nursing home......   Perhaps this is a kind of wake up call to the rest of us, who are in better situations..........  go and take some fruit baskets, or magazines...or whatever your heart fancies, that may make someone's heart lighter for the day!!!........  a warm lap blanket, or some hankerchiefs...or perhaps some sort of little gift that would be appreciated by those poor folks who are not remembered with love....


  1. It is a great idea! My family and I are hoping to do some caroling at a nursing home this year!