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Monday, January 23, 2012

Living in Arizona

Well, its been about two months now, that Comanche has been at her new barn.  There's always something going on there, with barrel racing and team roping and such.  My real problem has been that when I turned the Peppermint Princess out to graze on the huge two acre pasture, she didn't want to come back in...and played her little "ha ha, very funny" game of starting to put her nose into her halter, and then, "tra la".... stepping back, tossing her head a little and with a spin...she was off across the pasture.  Not a funny game to me... however.   So, I've been having dental surgery for the past month, and needless to say, I've not really felt up to pasture chasing.  I've barely been able to stand up for long, much less,  chase an errant horse across pasture in an endless game.  SO, at the moment, she has been confined to her corral... and, yes, I know she needs out, but its been difficult to summon the energy.  However, I am beginning to feel somewhat better, despite not being totally over the process.  I did manage to take some pics of my naughty child... she nickers when she sees me come around the barn, I think she's at least a little glad I'm around.  Let me see if I can upload the pics now... happy trails!!!  

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