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Monday, January 30, 2012

Waiting for you.....

Our horses spend a lot of time, waiting.  Unless they have a big pasture to be turned out into... where they can cheerfully fill their bellies with the tender green grass they are so fond of consuming, they are doomed to boredom in standing in a stall or a small corral, until you show up to involve them in some activity.  No wonder they look at us, and are glad to have someone pay attention!   They really do need some way to stay active and involved while we are elsewhere.  Toys to keep in their stalls may do the trick.  Find an old basketball they can nose around, or a jollyball that can be picked up.  An old milk carton (plastic) that can be filled with a little molasses, and a pinhole sized hole to drip slowly out, while hung from a roof rafter will make an enticing toy to occupy some time ... as long as it will swing from a sturdy string or rope... and it will give your horse something to do, and reward him when he's able to lick the molasses from the container.   I have attached some pics of waiting horses.... my Peppermint Princess also has to wait for me to show up at the barn she is boarded in... wish I had a better solution, but there's not one at the moment. 

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