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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wonderful , Marvelous, Fantastic News!!!

Oh, I am so, very, very grateful...for all my friends prayers and thoughts.  I was just so down in the dumps...things had not been going well, for finding a permanent kind of position as a nurse, since this is a seasonal sort of town.  Phoenix gets so hot, that all the snowbirds leave...and then, the census seems to drop a lot.  But, I am happy to report, that I will soon be employed on staff, at one of the local hospitals. I am just so happy...!  It means, that I will be able to bring Comanche' here, and I'll also have my things out of storage and will be looking for a house to put them into...  I've been in temporary lodgings and its gotten old to not have my own bed.. and not much of a kitchen.  I like to cook, and, if I have friends who are available on my time schedule, I like to invite them for dinner.   Comanche' has always enjoyed my leftover oatmeal with sugar when I'd take it to her on cold mornings.  But, that's as far as cooking went for her, unless I got energetic enough to bake her some horse cookies.  I may post a few recipes soon, for those...    This post is to say, how grateful I am, that God has sustained me, and has provided me a new job.  I hadn't actually applied for the job I've been offered, since it had just been decided to hire for it.   I'd gone in for an interview on another unit, and, wound up getting another interview the next day, for an ICU position.  So, God must have wanted me in this job, than the first one.  All I know, is.... I am just estatic over knowing I will soon have my babygirl back with me, and the Kitty Sisters...   I've talked to a manager at a barn here, who I think will be a good place to board Comanche', and I will have to arrange a Coggins and a vet physical for the health certificate, and find a transporter to bring her to me.  So, I am doing a happy dance!!!.....    PS..... I am so tickled to see, that Pony Girl, has come back to blogging once again, and will enjoy hearing of her adventures, and getting to look at her pictures.  Yehaw!!!.... Cowgirls RULE!!!....


  1. I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to hear all about your reunion!

  2. Thanks Cousin B!... I am eagerly awaiting her arrival, within the next 30 days. I'm still trying to locate a transporter.. but I'll be getting her coggins and her health certificate arranged very soon... its going to be wonderful to have her with me again!