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Friday, October 28, 2011

Making the Big Move!!!

I've given notice for the old barn, and have set up the arrangements for the new barn here in Arizona.  Now, all I have to do, is get the transport set up, and have the vet do the coggins and the vet check for state regulations.  Then, my baby girl will be on the road again, for a trip about 8 hours long.  I am so excited!!    I've met a few of the people at the barn, and they seem to be really nice, and friendly.  I am  hoping to get some nice ridiing in the arena at first, and then, learn my way around the area, with Comanche' and a new friend, and her horse.  I think its going to be a good place to board.  Tonight, they are having team penning or team roping, in one of the arenas, of which, there are 3.  One is covered so you can ride in both the rain or in the hot sun of Arizona.  This was one of the big draws for me, since I get so cooked out in the bright sunlight, and the temperature difference is at least 10 degrees lower under some kind of shade.  There's also two big 10 acre grass pasture turn outs, where they reseed the grass every fall and spring, and, that will be something Comanche' will love.  When she lived in Colorado, as a young horse, she thought grass was short and brown, then, she found out in Tennessee, that it was knee high and deep green.  She's never been so glad in her life as to be a horse then.  LOL... now, she's going to be much happier to learn there'll be grass available at the new barn. I know she's missed it.  But, she'll get grass hay, which keeps her nice and calm.  I am not really sure she'd stay as well behaved on anything else.  I just know, that I'm going to lay in some bags of peppermint for her.  She's going to expect it!!!   I plan on getting her here in time for Thanksgiving.  That will be one of my blessings from God... as well as my new job.   Now, all I'll have to find, is a new home for the Kitty Sisters and me.   Keep your fingers crossed!!!..... Happy Trails!!!...

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  1. Congratulations! You've waited a long time for this!