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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometimes You're the Windshield, Sometimes You're the Bug!!!

Well, have you ever gotten up one morning, and things  went just so wonderful, that you thought you must be dreaming, or that you are a star in a Disney movie?....  More often than not, have you ever awakened, and realized, that no matter what you did that day, it was going to turn in some mushy jello sort of day?........  Unfortunately, those seem to occur more frequently than the first kind of mornings.   So, what do you do at that point?  Suffer though, or try and force things into being better?....  It sounds kind of pitiful, but, if you CHOOSE your attitude, it may not make things better, in general....but, you may feel as if you can survive at the very least.  And, there's always tomorrow, to hope for............. the Disney channel days.    I've had to decide to use my free time to look around the city I am now residing in....and check out my options.  So far, my life seems to be in a holding pattern for the moment... hopefully, not the circling of the drain, pattern.   But, I'm trying to see this as a way to learn where I want to wind up.  I still am worried about finances.... and I am really missing my Comanche' girl.... but I am searching for work areas I may want to be employed by, and where I can find housing for me and the Kitty Sisters, Sweet Sage, and Sister Sarah... and of course, a close barn near us for Comanche' the Peppermint Queen.   My friend, Gudrun, or Goody, as we call her at the Corrales barn, is making certain that Comanche' gets a peppermint in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This has made Comanche' pay close attention to what Goody is saying... and Goody sees a difference in how Comanche' was prior to peppermint dispersal and now.  LOL.... I'm telling you... if your horse loves peppermint...its worth going to the dollar store for a big bag of that stuff.  Mine will do ANYTHING just for one candy.   I'd load up some pics to here but I'm still trying to get my camera figured out.  I sure go through batteries with this thing..... so, I do have pics...just need to figure out how to post them now.  Happy Trails, Y'all!!!

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  1. I hope your days start getting better, and that you get the work situation figured out. It sounds like you have a lot of experience as a nurse. Are you trying to change careers or just places of employment? My Boo loves peppermints too. He can hear the paper crackling from out in the pasture and comes a running.