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Monday, March 8, 2010

What's a Girl to Do?

I've been trying to find a job.... I'm overqualified it seems. Keep finding jobs where I could easily do it... but the people who would be my bosses are not as experienced as me... quess what. They aren't interested then. I'm kind of bummed out at this , but what can I do?.... I keep praying.... God has never let me down so far... and I know He never will.  Keep me in your prayers Y'all!!!... Comanche' says she is praying for me, too, since she knows I have to supply her with peppermints. Not to mention board.   LOL... its good to be loved, isn't it?...even for the little things.....


  1. Best of luck, Shadow! It's a tough workplace out there. I know you will find someone who will appreciate your good talents and heart! :)