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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

But, MOM!!!... I know I can DRIVE!!!!

Recently, I decided to stop by the big dirt pasture area, and give Comanche' some peppermints and carrots... Being a bit lazy that day, I drove up to the pipe fence and fed her through the window.  Here is a picture of her trying to see how far she could stretch her neck into the car and search for more peppermints.  Don't you wonder what horses think about these noisy mechines we get in and out of?  Must make them think its a very strange wagon!    I also was invited to be a guest at a carriage club meeting, and dinner, by a friend of mine, Debbie V.   She's an outrider in the carriage club, and loves the friendship and the trailrides she gets to go on , as a result of being a member.  They go a lot to a wildlife reserve down near Socorro, New Mexico, about an hour and 20 minutes south of  Albuquerque.   Its a bird sanctuary, and has trails wide enough to drive horses on.  Its strictly enforced that you clean up after your horses, though, or you lose privileges of getting to go there.   This carriage club has made sure they inspect the grounds once they've been on a trailride there.  Many others are no longer welcomed.  Its getting harder for horsepeople to find trails in many places.  Expanding towns and construction, are limiting our riding areas.  Many of the state parks are also limiting horses, although they seem to let fourwheelers use the trails.  This seems a little weird to me.  Horses don't seem to bother the landscape as much as the motorized vehicles do.  But, even so, you just have to deal.....  at any rate..... spring is on its way!!!... Yea!!!!....   My honeysuckle is beginning to get nice green leaves on its woody vines, that hang over my courtyard adobe wall.... birds are beginning to sing.... my cats, Sister Sara, and Sweet Sage... are trying to figure out how to get them to come closer to their windowsills..... Have a wonderful weekend !!!  Shadow D.

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