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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time Flies..........

Hello, My Friends!!!    I've had multiple problems for a while with my laptop, so, I've neglected my blog ...and, so, regretfully, I have not written much for almost a month.   But, I do have some wonderful news in reference to the request for prayer concerning my young friend, who had health problems involving clots that caused a stroke, and she was in a coma, at that time.   I am really excited to tell you, that she shortly came out of the coma, and was taken to an excellent rehab hospital, in Wyoming.   She was proceeding along slowly, but surely, then had some infection issues that put her back into ICU.  Now, however, she is again becoming more and more alert.  Recently, she spoke... and, as if a light had suddenly come on, she recognized her two small boys...and her dear husband, with hugs and tears of joy...........   Its hard for anyone to not recognize God in the middle of THAT!!!    Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for my friend and her family... We all need support sometimes.... and love from total strangers, can make them become part of the family, in our time of need...... Thank you all!!!...  

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