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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Comanche' came into my life in a very strange way....... I had reached my fifty second birthday. I was thinking about what I really would like to do and have for a celebration. I suddenly realized, that one of the things I had always wanted, but had forgotten, in the course of my busy life, was the chance to have a horse of my own. I had not ridden in a very long time, truly, not since I was a teenager... other than a few moments on rare occasion. I knew that I wanted a particular breed, either a paint, or an appaloosa. I wanted a native american horse... and it had to have a name that fit. I thought of many names... however, the one that truly kept coming back to mind, was "Comanche''.... I decided that would be what I called the horse, once I found it, no matter what its real name would be. I really didn't put much effort into looking for a horse, other than perusing a few ads in a local nickle newspaper.... But, one day, I was heading out of the Rockies, where I lived, on a trip into Denver. I saw a red barn roof, off the highway , on a side road. I wondered if it was a private barn, or a boarding stable. I had a few minutes to spare, and decided to explore and see what the answer was... It turned out to be a boarding barn, and I thought, I will go inside and ask if any horses are for sale. The manager did not even know what kind of horse I was searching for... I just asked, "Do you know of any horses for sale?".... He led me down to a beautiful young mare, standing behind the stall door, watching us, with huge eyes, lined with dark black markings. I looked down at her registry name on the stall door.. It said... Comanche's Lunar Nova... OH !!!... I was shocked!!!.... I felt it was a sign from God.... The man proceeded to tell me that the mare was worth 6 or 7000 dollars. I told him.."I can't afford that" disappointment rolled over me... He said, "Let's call"... So, we called the owner and I made an appointment to meet with her. I went to see her on the appointed day...and as she sat and spoke about the mare's breeding and her value, I spoke and said, "I cannot afford that".... She asked, "What do you have to spend?".... I told her a very low amount...expecting her to laugh me out of the house. It was a humble moment to have to admit I wasn't able to pay the amount that the mare was worth. But, the owner sat and didn't say a word for a moment or so. Probably shocked by my audacity and my admission of lack of funds. Then, she said..."OK''.... I want her to go to someone who will love her". ... I want you to know, she got her wish. I love that horse, and she loves me... I do believe that Comanche' even knew who I was, the first moment I came up and saw her. I know that God gave me the best birthday present I could ever have asked for, and enjoyed. She was being called Luna, by the previous owner, and the barn personell. I thought of Luna as reminding me of the emergency room on a bad night, when all the crazies come in... I'm an RN, so I didn't want to call her that. I do believe she also didn't like being called Luna..... she knew her name was Comanche' and would come to me when I called her name within the first few days. I think she is so special. And she's as smart as a whip!... I am so grateful that I have her. She is my Baby girl.... and she knows it!

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