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Friday, March 30, 2012


Comanche and I are temporarily separated... she is at a great barn, and I am visiting in Chattanooga, with my aunt..  and will soon be looking for a new job, somewhere around Nashville, I suspect.  Comanche's finally getting some good green grass, and its much better for her than old hay, so, she's a happy girl.  I will be too, once I am finally reunited with her, and I have a place for me and the two Kitty Sisters.  They also are living with a friend of mine, until I have a place for them to run free, rather than stay in a carrier all day.  Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers... its a tough thing to drive across half the country and then have to start a new life.  We are eager to find our spot..and a soft place to land... Rock ON!!!  Happy  Trails!!!  
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  1. Sounds like things will be really good for you all soon enough.

  2. I haven't been blogging for a year, and just came back to check all my missed bloggers. I hope your adventures are going well. Have you found a job? Whats new?