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Monday, February 28, 2011

Working my fingers to the Bone.....

Well... it is very good to have income coming in....but, its time consuming, too.  LOL... so, while I'd rather be a woman to the manor born... and independently wealthy,  ......its not happening here, folks!........   I've been trying to scope out a place for me to find a house to lease, and a new barn for  Comanche'.  First, I will have her transported to be with me, once I do know what area I want to live in....and, then, I'll do what it takes to get a house close by.  I think I've found one that has good grass hay, and a place to ride into the desert, but I don't like that there's no pasture to run in... and that means she would be trapped in a small corral all day and night...unless I can arrange for her to be turned out some each day.  I'm anxiously awaiting her arrival but I have to take care of the details........  Stay tuned!!!..........  Happy TRAILS!!!!

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