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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sometimes...Your Friends are Totally Crazy!!!...and, its so much FUN!!!

Yesterday, I went for lunch out in Apache Junction, at a cowboy restaurant/bar... to meet up with some friends that I'd been talking to for the past couple of years online, at Equestriansingles.  ES has been around for 10 years now, and while most of us that belong to that website, and chatroom may never meet face to face, its really a lot of fun to finally do it.  You feel instantly as if you've known these people for years, and in a way, you have, because you've been a part of their lives... revealed in their comments in the chatroom...yet, they are total strangers that you could pass on the street and not recognize them.  But I had a blast yesterday, at this cowboy restaurant,  where people come in dressed in jeans and western shirts and jackets and of course, their trusty riding boots.  They actually have a lot of folks who come to this little jewel, in the desert, called "Filly's"..  where the food is good, even though its simple fixin's..  and, they ride their horses up to the place through the arroyos and cactus of the public lands. The horses all are "parked" at the back of the restaurant, and can be watched through the windows that show the face of the Superstition Mountains....where the "Lost Dutchman" mine is supposed to be ...hidden from view and discovery...    The Mountain a work of art, many curves and deep grooved areas that call to the artist in me, and in fact, I had to take a few pics on my cellphone  as I drove up the road, following my friend, Wind-in-her-hair...... who in another life, is named Becky.  I had such a blast!... we met up with about 10 other people and had a good meal while the band played country music, and folks danced in the front area.  Its not a big place, but usually the outdoor patio is where most wind up ... but, as Phoenix is experiencing a cold snap, everyone opted to stay indoors.  We had a wonderful time, laughing like hyenas....and, we hadn't even been drinking anything other than coca cola... LOL.. I'm not much of a "drinker" anyway. I don't care for wine, other than a really sweet sangria, and ameretto sours are my only real alcohol that I like. Beer is only for cooking a good pot roast, in my view... my paternal grandmother used to say, when offered a beer, was, " No thank you, put it back in the horse".... LOL..  I kind of feel the same.. course, I'm not a coffee drinker either, unless its Kool-aide coffee... lots of sugar, and then, more sugar,...and lots of flavored cream...LOL..  My friends, Jamie, Becky and I, sat and watched a cowboy rush into the bathroom... apparently, he didn't take time to notice, he barged into the female restroom, and not the men's side.  Or, maybe he didn't know the difference between a filly and a colt.  LOL... but it gave US a good belly laugh when he came face to face with a female heading into the "filly" door, just as he was heading out!!!... I kind of think he was a bit just tickled our funny bone, to say the least!...    Happy Trails Y'all........and hope you will have a  wonderful new year!!!!...


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Happy New Year, and I wish you many more good times visiting with your new/old friends!

  2. Thanks Wilsonc.... Happy New Year to you as well!...