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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rest in Peace, Gold Dust...............

One of my friends at home in Tennessee...Kathy, lost her palomino, about a week or so ago.  She'd known for about two years that the day was fast approaching, that her trusted horse was getting older..and more tired.  She said that she'd gone out to the pasture..and all the other horses came up for their dinner, but, not her old friend.  She found her, waiting..............    She held  her old friend's head as the vet gave her the shot...... and spoke softly to Dust closed her eyes.........    Its so hard for any of us, who love our animals so much, whether its a dog or a cat, or our horse...... to lose them.  It shatters our hearts..... and, those to whom an animal is only an animal...quickly forgotten or ignored... cannot understand our sincere feelings of loss.  These animals have become part of us, part of our souls... and remain always in their corner of our hearts.  They give unselfishly to us...and make us better people.  We owe them for creating a love in us that is deep and sustaining.... they complete us and open our hearts to compassion and grace.... so that we can go out into the harsh world we sometimes live in....... and then, we come home to this deep well of love, that lets us relax, and soften once their presence.  They teach us how to love.... and, Love is where they return..... Love never ends...


  1. My youngest brother just lost his much loved 11-year-old labrador on Monday. I know where your coming from. Our animals make us better people if we let them.

  2. yes...We learn how to love from our animals. They are our silent angels...I believe.. that are sent to give us unconditional love. They don't hold humans.. they don't humans.. they don't humans...

  3. My heart goes out to her. We lost a 16 yr. old dog, and fortunately got to hold him in the end just like your friend. It's funny, when an animal gets to that point, it's like THEY know, and seem peaceful. I'm sorry for her loss.

  4. So sorry to read. It's never easy to lose a good friend.