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Friday, January 28, 2011

Everyone has a Battle to Fight.........

I've neglected my blog for a while now... Comanche' is still in New Mexico, while I've been here in Phoenix, trying to find a place that I want to work on a permanent sort of basis, rather than agency shift to shift work.  So, I'd kind of run out of things to say... for the moment...  But, a situation has come to mind that makes me want to address it.    I belong to an online site that is for singles who ride horses...  We often get to know people there thru the chatroom, and become true friends in the sense that while we may never meet in person, we do learn about each other's personalities and lives as we type our thoughts into the confines of computer chat.   Many of us have related critical life experiences in there...and we support one another to the best of our abilities.  Distance is a factor that cannot be ignored, but emotional support goes a very long way,and knowing you have friends who care, makes a big difference to all of us.   One of our members has a daughter who has had health issues and subsequent surgeries, back to back...  Currently, she's in a coma, and  we are all praying for her to come out of this well.   Its difficult to know how to support someone who is in this sort of situation, but we do our best to encourage prayer from everyone.  We do know that our God is mighty and able to do miracles.  We are hoping for the best outcome for this....  I believe that prayer warriors are effective, even if they do not know the patient.  So, I humbly ask for any prayers for this young mother ... She is in a dire situation..... We all need prayers from others at some point in our lives........ so, I pray that you also will support her in prayer...  She goes by the nickname Neener...  

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  1. OMG...prayers are going out right now for this young mom and her little girl(no matter how old she is) I can't imagine being in her shoes. thanks for asking and sharing.